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Connie M. Anchorage, AK 65 years old 10 years
Caregiver - I am currently certified with cpr and first aid. I also have a nursing assistant license of Alaska. I have been a caregiver thirty years. I love to cook and love to clean. I also have a love of animals. I have an Alaska drivers license and full coverage insurance for my vehicle. I am able run errands and accompany clients to and from appointments as needed, do shopping, etc. I have always provided care for clients with patience, dignity and respect. Reference available on request.   [More]

Available: Full-Time

Maryruth M. Wasilla, AK 49 years old
Caregiver - I am current with c.p.r. and first aid certification. I have over 10 yrs. exp. as a nurse aid/ caregiver. I enjoy helping others more than any other choice of work. I have taught prenatal classes and have had a successful in home day-care business as well. I am understanding and have college courses in med. terminology, med science, and more. Cooking and cleaning with in home care exp. as well. I am wanting a part-time position and am only available 3rd. shift. I have a clean background and cur  [More]


Angelica G. Palmer, AK 47 years old 10 years
Caregiver - Since 1995 I have worked in every field there is as a CNA or Caregiver. I have experience in hospice, home care, hospital, nursing home, and with the developmentally disabled. I was a licensed CNA for 7 years. I love to work with the elderly because there is so much you can learn from them about life and history that you can not learn from books. I also feel that we as a society need to care for those who paved the path for us. I meant into healthcare after my grandmother got sick and the care s  [More]

Available: Part-Time

Sheila R. Anchorage, AK 54 years old 3 years
Caregiver - I cared for my mother after her stroke to brain, moved back in grooming, monitored medicine usage, all the basic chore-respite responsibilities, I never would have imagined doing this in a million years but I did and would do it again if I could, she slowly got better to be diagnosed with lung cancer, I got to be with her before she passed and for that, I am happy. Also, I cared for six client home, doing chore-respite and I have current cpr/first-aid and akdl.   [More]

Available: Full-Time

Paulette B. Anchorage, AK 65 years old
Caregiver - My name is Paulette and have been caring for seniors and other adults with developmental disabilities for over fifteen years. I'm very self motivated, reliable, and detail oriented, I work well with a wide variety of people with different personalities and backgrounds.   [More]


David K. Anchorage, AK 37 years old
Caregiver - Have helped individuals who are not able to help themselves because of age as well as disability circumstances. I also like working with the old as it is a form of care for those who are not able to provide for themselves. Working with them, I feel as if I am caring for them. Hope given a chance, I will be so happy and provide the service to the expectation and with all my heart. Bye.   [More]


Stephanie P. Anchorage, AK 44 years old 10 years
Caregiver - I have been working in LTC and hospice for 15 years. I have done tube feedings, care of picc lines, grishons, intubated patient care, bathing, charting. I am BLS and als certified. My patients have ranged in age from neonates to geriatrics. I love my work. I emjoy knowing that even if I cant heal a patient I can care for them and help to make them as comfortable as possible. I enjoy the families I come in contact with and I love building a relationship with both my client and the family.  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Kristine B. Anchorage, AK 58 years old
Caregiver - I have over 13 years of experience caring for others who cannot care for them selves. I am very reliable and professional. I have experience in personal care and hygiene. Running errands, doctors app. etc. I can also do cleaning and meal prep. I like caring for others and have found this is is my perfect job, as I really care for the people I take care of.  [More]


Deborah F. Palmer, AK 66 years old 6 years
Caregiver - I have worked with the fragile elderly for the last 6 years. I have worked as private caregiver doing specialize care. I have also worked as house manager of two adult family homes in Washington state for two years, taking the required courses for that position. I have always provided care with dignity and respect regardless of the situation. I have done hospice care and care work under pressure when necessary. I can cook and take into consideration the necessary dietary needs particular to ones  [More]

Available: Part-Time

Diane M. Anchorage, AK 67 years old
Caregiver - I have been working as a CNA/PCA for 20 + years. I have worked in every environment, I started in home health & then took the class for CNA & began at a long term care facility. I worked at nursing homes for many years, & then I started in with agency. I worked many different nursing homes, hospitals, treatment centers, & private homes. I have recently lost a client after 5yrs. I now need to find a new client to take care of. I can help with meal preparation, house work, help with hobbies or cra  [More]


Becky R. Wasilla, AK 55 years old
Caregiver - I have ran my own business of caring for the elderly and worked in several nursing care facilities. I also took care of my mother with cancer up until it took her any she passed. The reason I am so passionate with what I do is when I was young I was in a class at school that was called h. E. P. Help elderly people. We would go into nursing facilities and visit with them and play games and I just decided that was the job for me. And that's what I have done all my years.   [More]


Charles B. Wasilla, AK 31 years old
Caregiver - I am 19 years old and just graduated from high school. I am looking to get my CNA license shortly. My mother is a nurse and I want to be a CNA and help the elderly in their everyday ADL's. I enjoy meeting new people and making their lives easier. I know that one day I will be in the position to rely on others for care and I want to be there for our generation of older adults. This would be my very first job and I want to be employed by you to gain experience and get enjoyment out of helping oth  [More]


Ladedra H. Anchorage, AK 61 years old
Caregiver - My experience in the health care field started in l988 as a C.N.A. Working in nursing homes assisting the elderly and handicapped with special needs. I also have experience in home health care as well as hospitals I am dedicated and sincere about providing the proper care that is needed for patients for everyday living activities.   [More]


Sarabima I. Anchorage, AK 33 years old
Caregiver - I am passionate with caring for our elderly, it is a blessing to have such an experience to care someone who is unable to provide for themselves and we are our only hope to live on. I have experience with taking care of elderly, I used to care for my grandmother who passed away a couple of years ago, and I truly do missed assisting her with her needs. It is my passion to give back to the community in this kind of way. I am pursuing a career in nursing at the university of Anchorage Alaska, and I  [More]


Aida L. Anchorage, AK 47 years old 2 years
Caregiver - i have 2 years caregiving experience with seniors. meal prep, medication reminders, housekeeping, shopping, doctor appointments, daily logging of daily activities, etc. I am very passionate about working with seniors because I believe that they did their job of raising their children, and now it is the seniors turn to be taken care of.  [More]

Available: Part-Time

Sheyla V. Anchorage, AK 31 years old 1 year
Caregiver - I'm currently working at a assisted living home. I'm\ working night shifts . I am looking for something better daytime I prefer. I change dippers , give medicine, bath, and do many things at my job. I also assist them in any favor they ask . I work well with seniors and really love my job as a caregiver.  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Jessica M. Palmer, AK 40 years old
Caregiver - I have been a certified nurse assistant for over five years so I understand the need for a good qualified professional person for your company‚Äôs position. I have experienced first hand the comforting effect of taking care of sick people and giving them a higher quality of life. During my career as a nurse assistant I have worked in a variety of medical settings and have had the opportunity to learn and grow through the help of great teachers and nurses. I have truly enjoyed the experience  [More]


Britney T. Eagle River, AK 33 years old 1 year
Caregiver - I am a past employee for Providence Hospital and I would love to stay in the medical field. The best thing about being a CNA is the joy and happiness that you bring to patients. Watching their faces light up every time you walk into the room, is the most amazing thing! As a CNA you impact patients lives more than you know by just listening to their stories and just being there for them whenever they need someone to lean on or someone to help with the ADL. I wouldn't trade this job for anything!  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Pearl T. Anchorage, AK 65 years old
Caregiver - I have been working in the Assisted Living Field since 2001. I began as a CNA, then obtained my certificate as Activity Director. I love working with seniors and always have their best interest in mind. I have provided activities that include emotional, spiritual, and physical stimulation. I have also assisted them with daily living skills, medication management, and to maintain their current level of functioning. I have provided them with companionship, love and a lot of TLC. I love this  [More]


Amber H. Anchorage, AK 37 years old
Caregiver - My name is Amber. I am 24 years old, I have been in this line of work for about 6 years. I am CPR certified and have worked in home care and facility care as well, I am trained in med passing and also as a lead med-aide. I went to school for a medical assistant but i seem to like this type of work better then anything. I would like to work part time but I will work full time if need be. Mornings or afternoon i have children so nights are not an option. I love the Elderly and love to work with th  [More]

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