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Cheri M. Dunn, NC 62 years old 4 years
Caregiver - Hi, I am a 54 yr old with two grown children and two grandchildren. My last job was with Community Hospice. I worked with them for 4 years until I had to have surgery. I have been cleared to go back to work and would very much like to continue doing what I love most. My job consisted of providing care for 4 hours a day for 2 patients. Most of my care was in the home and I got very close to my families. I do not mind doing anything to take some of the pressure off of the family members that   [More]

Available: Full-Time

Casey M. Clayton, NC 29 years old
Caregiver - I cared for my grandparents in SC when I visit them during the summer. One is a diabetic - I cooked cleaned and helped them around the house. I love working with seniors and children. I currently work full time at a daycare. I am looking for a night time job. I am loving & responsible. Also I am certified in cpr/first aid  [More]


Alisa P. Benson, NC 28 years old
Caregiver - In high school I took a CNA class in which we had to get clinical hours. As a class we went to Brithaven nursing home in Smithfield NC. There I performed tasks on seniors such as, bathe, feed, dress, shower, change diapers, and assist with daily activities. I enjoy working with elders because it makes me feel good about myself knowing that I can help them.   [More]

Available: Full-Time

Katina H. Holly Springs, NC 34 years old
Caregiver - I love elderly people. It is so much they can teach you. I have a lot of experience when it comes to taking care of someone. I was a preschool teacher for eight years. I just want to do something a little different now. Besides, everyone seems to over look the elderly. They need love to. I am very lovable and easy going. I am a hard worker and I love people. I expect 10+ an hour.  [More]


Elizabeth P. Holly Springs, NC 45 years old
Caregiver - I love helping and working with all people, but I have a special love for the elderly. I do not have any official employment experience as a caregiver, but I assisted all of my grandparents as they grew older. I enjoy cooking and cleaning, and am a cheerful and organized companion.   [More]

Available: Part-Time

Carolyn H. 600 Chinaberry Lane, NC 68 years old
Caregiver - I have been working with seniors now for about 5 years. I have worked with seniors who had suffered from a stroke to seniors that had memory loss. I am passionate about working with older people because of the love I had for my mother who I believed should have been treated like a queen but did not get this. I know that one of these days I to will need help and I pray that someone will treat me with kindness and respect..  [More]


Wendy E. Angier, NC 44 years old
Caregiver - I currently care for a 96 year old women for which I have been doing private duty with on the weekends for the last two years. I love working with the elderly. Children and senior citizens are my favorite. I am state CNA certified and would love the opportunity to work with someone closer to my home.  [More]


Iris T. Smithfield, NC 52 years old 2 years
Caregiver - I had the wonderful experience of taking care of two sisters.Both in mid nineties. I realized I enjoyed caring for others .These two young ladies changed my life for the better.So much to look forward to.One sister had diabetes ,bedridden,and had Alzheimer's.The other could get around on her walker but was partially blind and deaf and also in her early stages of Alzheimer's (family wouldn't admit to it but the signs were there).And even tho these two ladies were sometimes going thru rough time  [More]


Derrine S. Raleigh, NC 68 years old
Caregiver - I was trained by a RN as a Nurse Aide in a private home in Phila, PA in1981. I also worked for Temporary Agencies up until 1985, on various temp assignments. I took care of the elderly in their homes, up until I moved away in 1985. Have over 7 years working experience in related field. Qualifications: Caring Companionship & Conversation, Bathing, Dressing & Grooming, Light Housekeeping, Meal Planning & Preparation, Food shopping, Running Errands Taking Patient to Doctors Appointments, Med  [More]


Toni M. Angier, NC
Caregiver - I am a DAII looking for a change in scenery!  I am looking a position in the garner, raleigh, cary and  holly springs area.  I am experienced in Lumineers, Invisalign, Zoom, Protaper endo, and have 4 years of Softdent experience under my belt.  I also have Office Manager skills too!   [More]


Katie T. Willow Springs, NC
Caregiver - I have had experience working in a rehab center. It was for a class in school. I would go everyday and help the woman with daily activities. I would help her bathe and get dressed. I would then help her fix her hair and sit with her through out the morning. Some days we would just sit and talk and other days we would play cards or a game. We became close and I really enjoyed her company. I also helped my grandfather. He was very sick and unable to do anything for himself. I would do everyday thi  [More]


Pamela B. Willow Spring, NC
Caregiver - I have been working for a companion service since end of 01/08. I am needing more hours. I have been assisting elderly with dementia in varied levels. I also just wrapped up a two week assignment with a client that was injured from a car accident and needed domestic help(food prep, household chores, pet care) while his wife was away tending to a family matter. I enjoy working with clients that are verbal and can communicate (small talk). I desire a position that I will be helpful and task orient  [More]


Stephanie B. Angier, NC
Caregiver - I worked in a rest home for 5 years as a PCA, then moved up to med-tech for 1 year. Health care is my life. I love working with people going to school to be CNA. I feel like my heart belongs in Health Care. Caring for people is all I do. Making sure the people are cared for the right way is everything. My last job was bad because the boss mistreated the patients and we had a big falling out about how she treated her patients. So I quit the job knowing I need to take care of my family. But now I   [More]


Alana S. Fayetteville, NC
Caregiver - I have completed and passed the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians program since 2006. I have over 300 clinical hours of experience. I have volunteered and worked at numerous health fairs. I am also a CNA I. I have over 400 clinical hours of training. My long term goals are to finish up my Nursing degree. ,My expectations are a Forty hour a week work schedule, health and medical benefits after 90 days, and no less the 9.00 per hour.  [More]


Jacqui P. Holly Springs, NC
Caregiver - I would like to be a companion for someone in need. I would like to work either in Holly Springs, Apex or Fuquay-Varina, NC. My pay expectations are $10+ per hour. I need a full-time income, so I would not mind either just being a companion to one person, or a few in the same area. I am a very friendly, outgoing person, who loves talking to people and listening.  [More]


Katrina P. Clayton, NC
Caregiver - My name is Katrina A. Palmer and I am seeking employment as a Companion/Caregiver in the Cary, Apex, Clayton, Emerson, Holly Springs, near Raleigh North Carolina. I presently reside in Loganville, Georgia but I am relocating to Emerson, North Carolina October 13, 2007. I have worked with Senior Citizens in the home for more than twenty years. I am compassionate, mature, clean and I did take Nurses' Aide in 1974. I worked mostly in the state of Virginia. I am trustworthy minister likewise.  [More]


Derrine S. Clayton, NC
Caregiver - Seeking a fulltime live-in position in the San Mateo County, CA area as a Caregiver/Companion. Would like the opportunity of caring for an elderly person in the comfort of their own home and giving them the love and care that they truly deserve. Qualifications: Caregiver/Companion Tasks: Complete bathing, assisted bathing (bed, tub, shower); Partial bathing (hands, face, back, bottom) Oral Hygiene: Hair care, skin care, hand care and foot care. Dressing/Undressing; Assisted ambulation wi  [More]


Sandra S. Clayton, NC
Caregiver - I am currently employed full time, however I am looking for some part time work in caregiving to help assist others in their health, be a companion for them, spend time with them. I have experience in taking care of one of my own family members in the past year. Also worked as an aide at insight house in New York helping with chemical dependency clients.   [More]


Anissa P. Clayton, NC
Caregiver - Currently a director for a home health agency part time, also a past administrator for a family care home, have also done PCA work and currently a nc medicine tech as of 8/16/07 also have worked with special needs clients part time and have done some private work for clients in their homes.   [More]


Latanya H. Clayton, NC
Caregiver - My name is LaTanya, an CNA of seven years, seeking a FT/PT position in a home setting to provide care for your loved one. I have worked with clients with diseases such as Cancer, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Diabetes, Arthritis, Stroke, Heart Attacks, Paraplegics and implement new strategies in the home that includes Fall Precautions and other Interventions to keep the elderly in the home as long as possible. My CNA and CPR Certifications are current. I have worked in Long Term Care Facilities, Ho  [More]

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