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Maryann F. Charlotte, NC 72 years old
Caregiver - Hi, My name is Maryann even though I am a senior but I have a passion for the elderly. I retired two years ago as an Accounts Receivable manager and I still took time out off my schedule to assist with the elder every week starting on Friday thru Monday. I did this for five years. I was her companion on the weekend, I gave her baths, prepared meals, administered medicine, took blood pressure, fully dressed, shopping doctors appointment. I believe that our elders are neglected and I hope when I   [More]


Andrea S. Charlotte, NC 59 years old 10 years
Caregiver - I have worked in the medical field for 10+ years. I have done senior care which consisted of feeding, personal care, dressing. lifting, vitals, companionship, light housekeeping, assisting with basic care. I love caring for people it seems to come natural for me. I love to treat people with love and respect.  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Yvette C. Charlotte, NC 57 years old 10 years
Caregiver - I have 25yrs experience in home care. Offer bed or bath tub baths,light meals, light house keeping,Dr appointments,outtings,etc. Have bed transfers or chair transfers, wheel chair assistance,vital checks,dementia experience and alzheimer experience,med reminders,and companion ship. Iam passionate about making people smile and keeping them happy. Ive always enjoyed listening to senior stories and learning different things about life. Caring for seniors makes me whole and fulfills my day today day  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Jasmine M. Charlotte, NC 28 years old 2 years
Caregiver - Hello everyone my name is Jasmine and i am a cna. I love being a cna because i am doing work for the lord and i love helping others because we will all need help one day. Im also passionate about my job because i care for others an respect everyone i've took care of my Grandmother for a long time and i also took care of another client i had. Im just a young chruch going women that loves helping others.  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Amy R. Concord, NC
Caregiver - I just moved to Moss Creek in Concord and I am interested in finding a caregiving job. I have 8+ yrs in the field with great references. I am 34yrs old with a great family. My last job in Maine was assisting a 22yr woman in a wheelchair who has a three yr old daughter. I also have worked as an activities director in a nursing home. so I know how to make people feel good about themselves! If you are seeking a caregiver, part-time days/mornings/overnights.  [More]


Nanette B. Charlotte, NC 47 years old
Caregiver - My career in the medical field started in 1990. I have been in the field 20 years. What assisted me into getting in the field is I have a soft heart for the elderly and disabled. I enjoy helping the sick and making them feel better. My grandmother was ill and I aided her in her daily living. Soon after her passing I became a home health aide and continued my career as a CNA, mentor and a lab tech worker.  [More]


Bertha J. Charlotte, NC 56 years old 10 years
Caregiver - Hi, I'm B.J. I have 28yrs. exp. as a C.N.A., C.P.R., first aide. I had a personal care home for 10yrs. I have exp.with dementia, mentally challenged, Alzheimer. 10yrs. with behavior health. Vital signs, b/p, suicidal ward exp., bedridden patients, bowel and bladder training, feeding, grooming, cleaning, cooking and administer medications. Lifting.20 yrs. in nursing on telematry, ortho, i.c.u. Private duty cases in homes. I love taking care of people. I don't smoke. I can work  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Karen D. Huntersville, NC 65 years old
Caregiver - I have many years of in-hospital as well as out of hospital experience. My recent position was with a 74-year old woman with many health issues and not only did I care for her as if she were my mother, she cared about me as if I were her daughter. She touched my heart in ways I can't begin to describe and we really became family, however, she passed away 3 weeks ago very suddenly and it has really hurt my heart. I am honest, reliable, caring and I love what I do. I have never even had a traf  [More]


Donna H. Charlotte, NC 66 years old
Caregiver - I have 28 years experience as an LPN. I am seeking a private duty case. I enjoy caring for the elderly will do all aspects of home care. I have experience. In all skill levels including Alzheimer's and other dementia. Salary neg. Keeping people in their home is very important & focus on the client is what I do.   [More]


Stacy P. Charlotte, NC 46 years old
Caregiver - Hello! My name is Stacy and I am a very compassionate person who would love to give your family peace of mind knowing your loved one is being taken care of. I am a very ambitious and goal oriented person who loves to help people as well as gain new experiences. I will provide elder care with a primary focus on dignity and respect. My goal is to do whatever is required to keep the patient in their home. I am a certified with the NC registry as a CNA. I am CPR and First aid certified through the   [More]


Donna H. Charlotte, NC 58 years old 10 years
Caregiver - The love and care for my family is very important to me. And your family and loves ones are important to you and you want the best for them. Because family is number one on my list. I have patience, love, smiling face and a caring heart. I have done CNA work in nursing homes for 6 years. Then I decided to do in home private duty care for long term or hospice care, which all have been seniors, that way I give more one on one care. Has been 5 years of in home care. I'm your angle to care for you o  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Carrie G. Concord, NC 44 years old
Caregiver - I work as a pca, hha, cna. The experience I receive working as a aide was the care I had to give to the resident wash, feed, dress. Working as a pca I work as a aide and a nurse passing medicine. I always had a passion for the health field is that it could be me or my loved one that might be in need of help so it is important that I stay doing what I luv I love when the residents think you for the care that you provided for them it make me feel that I have done a good job for the care that I hav  [More]


Tiffany H. Charlotte, NC 36 years old
Caregiver - I have three or more years experience as an personal care assistant. I have had training for transporting and handling seniors who are unable to do for themselves. I've assisted with physical therapy needs, alzheimers clients and meal preparation/planning. I enjoy the feeling of helping seniors who have lead a full life. I think it is important to care and make sure others are be taking care of when their loved ones are unable at times. I'm very passionate about what I do and has always been h  [More]


Anne T. Charlotte, NC 76 years old
Caregiver - I have 20 plus years experience in caregiving. I was on my last job for 5 years. I worked Mondays 4pm to 8am went back on Thursdays 4pm to 8am went back Fridays 4pm and stayed until Sunday 9am. I was there until her passing. I love what I do, I treat my clients the same way I would wont my mom or myself to be treated. I have other references. I put love and care in what I do.   [More]


Sharda S. Charlotte, NC 31 years old
Caregiver - I do not have professional experience in senior care but my heart has been seeking this position for awhile now. The elderly have tons of wisdom to feed on and much experience to listen to. I'm a very patient, open-minded, kind, big hearted person. My sister is a CNA and I used to love walking through the hospital meeting her patients and just laugh and listen to their stories. I feel like I'm more than able to handle the responsibilities of a care-giver.   [More]


Mary S. Charloftte, NC 37 years old
Caregiver - I have been a caregiver my whole life, I am very passionate about helping others because when my mother was sick from Cancer there was no one there but me to help her, and I was just a little girl, I know that it is hard on the family, I believe that my experiences with helping my mother make me a strong more compassionate person to families with members that maybe going thru the same things I went thru. Also I love conversations with the elderly they have such great stories to tell.  [More]


Teria W. Charlotte, NC 29 years old
Caregiver - I am new to the health care field, however I greatly enjoyed the clinical setting and would like to further my experience. I enjoy being able to help others complete daily task and getting to know new people is something that I do naturally. I have recently became a CNA and will hopefully be starting nursing school next fall semester.  [More]


Tatanasika S. Charlotte, NC 46 years old
Caregiver - First I would like to to say I enjoy nursing because my heart is in it. I know that it takes a special person to take care of someone that is unable to take care of themselves, I see everyone as my mom and my dad, and I love God who has taught me to love, and care with a sincere heart and I no for a fact that I bring joy and love to any situation because that's my goal to produce love and to put the good foot forward. My attitude is great in turning a sad case into a happy case. I also have 17yr  [More]


Susanna N. Charlotte, NC 35 years old 3 years
Caregiver - I have done senior care for almost 4 years, I started out as a fill-in which I did for about a year when needed until I got a live-in position to take care of an 82 yrs old guy. I stayed with him for 2 yrs, He had problems with his prostate and used a catheter for a couple of months. He was a smoker too and in the end got diagnosed with lunch cancer which traveled to his brain. I treated him like family and he did the same to me, I believe that respect goes a long way and just being courteous an  [More]


Jamie K. Cornelius, NC 38 years old 3 years
Caregiver - I am passionate about helping senior's be able to stay independent and in their homes for as long as possible. A mother of four and having cleaned houses for many years as always I am looking for ways to help out and make a difference in peoples lives. I consider myself a very good listener and a reliable person to talk to, always able and willing to help with lots of different task with a smile.   [More]

Available: Part-Time

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