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Lee C. Poquoson, VA 75 years old
Caregiver - Hi, My name is Lee and I have experience in daily caregiving to the sick and elderly/ I have worked along with Hospic at a patients home. Also I have cooked meals, light housecleaning, taken patients to the doctor appointments and shopping. I also helped out with stroke patients and with other health problems. Please contact me for further information and references.  [More]


Cheryl C. Smithfield, VA 54 years old
Caregiver - I am a 46 year old Mother of a 20 year old daughter and a 17 year old son. I have worked in the retail field as a Manager for 22 years. When I was the age of 8 to 12, I help tend to my Grandmother that had rheumatoid arthritis until she passed when I was the age of 12. I have since then had a compassionate for tending to the elderly and individuals with needs. My Brother was diagnosed as a Juvenile Diabetic when he was the tender age of 12. My sister and I helped our mother tend to his daily  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Kristin P. Suffolk, VA 55 years old 3 years
Caregiver - My name is Kristin and I have had the honor of being able to care for wonderful family elder parents. Living in the state of Connecticut working for a company and putting me through the medical training that I needed, placed me into a home for a family with a elder mother with dementia. This was a wonderful experience for me getting to know not only she, but her family too. I assisted her with all her personal needs, as well as taking her medicines daily. Also taking her to her appointments when  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Ericka O. Suffolk, VA 41 years old 2 years
Caregiver - I am a recent graduate of an accredited LPN school of nursing. I am waiting for my appointment to take my state boards and would like to work in the field of nursing while I am anxiously waiting. I have always had a love of caring for people since I was a young girl and I am following my dreams of becoming a nurse. While in school, I did my rotation in the local hospitals, psychiatric hospital and also nursing homes.  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Latisha O. Newport News, VA 38 years old
Caregiver - I have been in LTC for the past 6 years. I have experience in assisted living, independent living and I also worked as a charge nurse for a Alzheimers wing. I have IV and phlebotomy training an experience. I would be a great asset to any company that would add me to their team. I am looking to get into a more management position. I currently hold a Virginia LPN nursing license and am CPR certified.   [More]


Sheni P. Portsmouth, VA 35 years old
Caregiver - I have been involved with nursing every since my junior year in high school. I completed the health assistant I and II class. After completing that class i earned a position at a nursing home. Working at that nursing home taught me alot and the people were wonderful, I'm a very good peoples person that's why I love this field of work. Can't live without it.  [More]


Velma R. Newport News, VA 48 years old 10 years
Caregiver - I have been in the nursing field for the last 17 years. I decided to go into this field after my mother died from an aneurysm. I am richly rewarded when I can help someone. I love dealing with people, I enjoy what I do. I feel good to know that I have made someone day go well and make them feel secured and to show them compassion and love.  [More]


Lori W. Portsmouth, VA 33 years old
Caregiver - I have been a home health aid for 5 months and i loved helping the lady that i was in charge of. My duties included helping her bath, making sure she took her medicine, got her to doctor appts, cleaned her house, and kept her company. I love what i do and i look forwarded to helping you out as well.  [More]


Julieta R. Williamsburg, VA 54 years old
Caregiver - I am 44 years old a filipina presently working as housekeeping in Williamsburg inn and my contract will end on 1st of November, 2008 and I am looking a caregiver work in homecare or live in caregiver in North Carolina and north Carolina. I have a caregiver training for 900 hours in Philippines and I love to take care of elderly love talking to them and taking care of them. I am holding and h2b visa and I can renew in agencies in my own. I take care of my grandmother for 8 years and I have t  [More]


Lori F. Newport News, VA 57 years old
Caregiver - I have been an LPN for 20 years working in a doctors office and for the last 10 years working with the geriatric population. I enjoy working with the elderly. You learn a lot from them. They love to talk about their life growing up and their loved ones. I enjoy giving one on one attention rather than have to only spend five minutes with someone who may need to talk or just want someone to listen. I would like to find a position that would allow me to do that. I don't necessarily have to wor  [More]


Yvonne W. Hampton, VA
Caregiver - I am a CNA and A EMT-B. I have 14 years experience as a EMT and have done home care since 1988, also I am A student at tidewater community college working toward getting into the RN program.As an CNA I have worked in nursing homes, hospitals settings and home care and,hospice. I also work for the sunrise house with mentally challenged adults.As a EMT I worked on a medic unit, I responded to emergency and non emergency calls. I have skills such as airway management, hemorrhage control, monitoring  [More]


Sarah B. Newport News, VA
Caregiver - I have 5 years in customer service and I have experience as a nanny,childcare worker and babysitter. All together I have 11year of experience as a caregiver. I also worked asw a dietary aid for one summer while I was in high school. I am available to work M-F 9-4. I work at $8-9 an hour. I enjoy taking people on errands,give medicine, dress, and light housekeeping.  [More]


Sandra V. Hampton, VA
Caregiver - Highly organized and dedicated Companion, seeking a position where I can use my education of clinical and clerical skills to create and secure my opportunities for advancement to benefit my employer.   [More]


Bonnie N. Hampton, VA
Caregiver - Back in 2003 I volunteered as a caregiver in a hospital to take care of elderly people. I used to feed them, read to them, put them to bed, help them to the bathroom and groom them whenever they knew they had a visitor coming. I love working and helping people. My expectations is to get more experience and knowledge in the medical field as possible so I can pursue my career as a medical assistant once I get my degree.   [More]


Courtney P. Portsmouth, VA
Caregiver - I have 10+ years experience in the health care field with a passion for caring. I am a 24 year old single, but spiritual parent. I am very dependable, trustworthy, and loving. I am a very wonderful caregiver with wonderful reference, squeaky clean background, and DMV report. I would love to care for you and or your family member or loved one. I am one of the best in the area in one of the most affordable also, so put me to work for you.  [More]


Iris H. Portsmouth, VA
Caregiver - I have been in the caregiving field for twenty yrs. in a facility setting. I'd feel more comfortable with having a one to one client to care for exclusively. My duties have consisted of feeding, general hygiene,interacting with clients, data collection, etc. I've worked to ensure the best overall care of client.  [More]


Khulan T. Williamsburg, VA
Caregiver - I have 5 years of experience in this field. I am working for this couple as a companionship for $130 a day 24 hr shift. I am looking for little more than what I am getting now. It would also be better if I can work hourly too. If that's the case, I am looking at $18 an hr or more.   [More]


Ryan R. Porstmouth, VA
Caregiver - I was with a. H. R. C. Out of nyc for 3 years working with adults ranging from 18 to 90 years of age with mild and moderate mental and physical handicaps. I was a cabin leader asst head of waterfront and maintenance having many task and challenges to handle it was a wonderful experience and I would do it again in a heart beat   [More]


Donna J. Portsmouth, VA
Caregiver - hello, i am currently active duty in the military working as a hospital corpsman (similar to a medical assistant) i am looking for something part time or weekends. i am very out going and very hands on and an easy learner. if you would like to know more about me, please feel free to contact me at the email above.  [More]


Chrystal M. Portsmouth, VA
Caregiver - I have taught in Portsmouth public school system 7 years, I have done DCA and mental health care for 12yrs, I have also done in home care for 10 years in total. I am a certificated (through a. C. T. Nursing in Portsmouth VA) with a medicine tech certification.   [More]

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