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Thembeka M 
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San Francisco, CA 94127 

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As a child i grow up surrounded by senors,they took great care of me while my mom was often not around traveling though work.i was blessed to have them around until i was old enough to see and realize their good deeds to me,from baby step to teenager now a young experience with then way very unique and a true blessing not luck ,i was not raised like any other normal kids..i was grown with morals values the most important things in life even before i realize them myself when i was old enough to do so..i grew fast,and life smart even more than my all because of their influence in me,i was loved,cared for...and those grannies we not related to me at all most of them..that is why i have been very supportive and by all mean s very helpful to my home town senior care even volunteered if i can..i have 3 2 and half paid caregiver experience the rest has been giving mercy for are blessing people to have around ,they have so much knowledge.i love them them alot