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Donna N 
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Columbus, OH 43235 

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I will be in Florida from Jan to Apr 2012. At that time I will be looking for a part-time employment. I am an STNA & a Certified Medication Technician w/licensing in my home state & licensed as an CNA in Florida. I have worked for five years as an Independent Provider with a client w/developmental disabilities. As the lead caregiver my duties includes interviewing & scheduling for this client. I have been very fortunate to have a client's family indulge our yearly trips & a staff that is able to cover my shifts while we are in Florida. I have also worked in an Assisted Living Facility & in a Senior Residential Facility w/independent living to assisted care available. My real passion is the one on one aspect of care giving. I like the extra time this type of setting allows the STNA to interact w/the client. I would like to work part-time while we are in Florida doing something that will be beneficial to my clients & something that I will also enjoy.