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Tamekia K 
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Louin, MS 39338 

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Hello, my name is Tamekia Keys. I am a 34 year old mother of 2. I have really never had a job just sitting with elderly people, but I have worked around the elderly alot. When I was 13 years old. I voluntered at a local hospital as a candy striper. I really enjoyed that. I would read to the patients, clean their room, keep them company, give them snacks to eat and drink and just talk to them. I really enjoyed that a lot. I have also worked at hospita in housekeeping, in which I would often go and sit and talk with some of the patients. I absolutely love being around elderly people, being there for them, caring for them. I feel that it a great privelege. The area that I live in is a few elderly women, that often go and sit with and talk to. I also call them on the phone from time to time. As I have said, I just absolutely have a love and respect for elderly people. I love being there when they dont have anyone else to turn to , except God. I also had an aunt who was in a nursing home, with whom I went to visit alot and spent time with as well. I would often sign her out of the nursing home and take out to eat or just bring her home with me to relax. what can I say, I just love elderly people.