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Jodi B 
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St. Johns, MI 48879 

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Although I had been in the health care industry for close to 20 years, I decided to fulfill the need of helping people even more so by delving into caregiving after I assisted my own grandmother who was diagnosed with dementia. For over five years, I have had experience with persons who have diabetes, M.S., Alzheimer's disease, Dementia, severe arthritis, CHF, Parkinson's disease, stroke victims, mental break and other physical/mental limitations. My services are mainly used by family who are looking for better rates than a home health agency, without sacrificing the special attention and loving-kindness their loved one rightfully deserve. I pride myself on the genuine love and attention that I give to each of my clients and their families, and strive to make the home life one of a happy, friendly and loving atmosphere. I also firmly believe in the "golden rule," and along with the family, have one united goal-to make the one being cared for loved, appreciated, and dignified.