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Jack M 
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Butte, MT 59701 

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I am a CNA with 20 years. Exper. Worked with a wide range of disabilities both mental and physical I've traveled with an agency for about the last 6 years. Working in aprox. 35 different facilities I am now semi-retired and looking to do Home Health care I know loved ones can be sometimes overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for someone in their home. I'm looking to do 2-3 days live-in situations at a rather cheap rate actually below min. Wage for a 24 hour day will also do lite cleaning would like to travel the Rocky Mnt. Area from New Mexico to Montana, of course at my own expense, if someone needs help and can barely afford it we'll talk and see what we can nego. You need a break to take care of yourself if you want to continue to provide care for your loved one, I'm trustworthy, bondable, confidential, and discreet give me a call and discuss you're needs I do need to generate a little income in order to travel around but I'm not beyond doing some charity work from time to time if I can afford to do so.