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Felicia P 
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Stone Mountain, GA 30087 

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I've worked with over 50 different senior citizens through out the years, I travel a lot I go to FL mostly PA, NY and GA I've worked with patients who had Alzheimer and Dementia, Incontinent, Seizures, Sleep Disorders such as insomnia, Wounds, Movement Disorders such as Parkinson's, Paralysis such as Strokes, Prostate Cancer, High Blood Pressure, UTI; urinary tract infection, Aspiration Pneumonia and so on. My duties were to mainly complete daily task such as remind them to take medicines, oral hygiene, bed bath, tub bath or shower, prepare meals, low sodium, liquid diet or diet over all, laundry, exorcise, transfer in and out of the wheel chair and bed, be a companion and more. I can stay up to 7months before taking a brake but it's up to what you want if it's two weeks or a month you want me before taking a brake we'll talk about that. My family is Christian very religious but at the same time I respect others religion, if It's necessary I'll go to a Temple or a Musk if that's what my patient want because they are like a spoil child to me they get what they want when they say so as long as the family approve we are good to go. I'm also a very Effective organizer and exceptional communicator with customer service expertise in high energy/fast paced business. I'm Able to work independently and within a diverse team. Possess the ability to work under pressure, multi-task and exercise sound judgment. Resourceful researcher with database archival, computer and writing skills. Fast learner and quick thinker. Experience with taking care of sick babies, adult, senior citizens, and pets as a dally routine.