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Liz M 
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Albuquerque, NM 87105 

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I have recently moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico and am pursuing a nursing degree. I love working with seniors because they have lived through time periods and been apart of events that I can only read about. Older people are unique because they have unmatched experience and wisdom yet need care and assistance with daily life. I think about how many people-- siblings, friends, children, neighbors, parents, grandchildren-- the average senior has cared for in their lives and I want to be one to help care for them. I have experience in geriatric care as an intern at The Arlington Rehabilitation & Living Center outside Chicago, IL where I assisted the Regional Clinical Director and worked with the Activities Coordinator. I also cared for my grandparents in day to day life until they passed. I love to talk, laugh, cook, help with exercise, bathe and am willing and able to do laundry and clean like a professional.