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Jennifer J. Milwaukee, WI 41 years old
Caregiver - My name is jennifer I have been doing home healthcare for 10yrs it is my passion. I love it. I believe it is my God given talent. I am a caregiver at heart and really enjoy caring for others. I enjoy getting to learn about the different life experiences the client has had.  [More]


Tanya J. Hartland, WI 43 years old
Caregiver - My name is Tanya, I have I have 10 years of long term care experience. I have worked in a long term care facility (6 years,) as well as the past four years doing private in home care. Before working in long term care I worked in group homes with people who have mental disabilities. I'm a good employee, I work very hard. I am also currently pursuing my degree in psychology.  [More]


Stephanie E. Milwaukee, WI 42 years old
Caregiver - I have worked with seniors in their homes and in nursing homes. I am currently in the process of renewing my nursing assistant license. I have been doing senior on and off for the past twelve years and I have enjoyed every aspect of it. That made it very easy for me to take care of my mother before she passed.  [More]


Latonya J. Milwaukee, WI 39 years old
Caregiver - HI, I am a certified nursing assistant/ home health aide with 11 years of experience. I have experience in working with a wide variety of people in a wide variety of settings. I am also CPR and CBRF( Community Based Residential Facility) certified. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.  [More]


Cheryl C. Verona, WI 60 years old
Caregiver - I am looking to get started in this field, I do not have any direct experience however other than my first job way back in 1976 was in a Senior Care Center and I have always had a great deal of compassion for the Senior Citizens. My desire is to be a person that can be a companion, driver to appointments, grocery shopper, errand runner for those who no longer can get out and do these things for themselves. I am not physically able to lift more than 30# as I have recently had bi-lateral total k  [More]


Gregorio M. Madison , WI 56 years old
Caregiver - CARE for my mom and dad when i was with them before my dad pass away well I clean cook and did all the maintenance for them I'm good and ready to help all the time looking for a first sift Monday to Saturday on the Madison WI area drivers license and insurance I own a car and I'm on good shape ready to work   [More]


Antoinette P. Stoughton, WI 58 years old
Caregiver - I love the elderly and am a great caregiver companion I have references.. Would be a valuable asset working for you I have worked as a care giver pretty much for the past ten years weather it be for children, the sick people or the elderly I am a very caring gentle person who can and would be a great addition to someones home as there care giver I dont like nursing homes because they dont provide the time or energy needed to give to the elderly or a person that's in rehabilitation please conside  [More]


Terry F. Madison, WI 60 years old
Caregiver - I have helped many people in the past, my neighbor has ms and we worked hard at helping her when she couldnt get help. When i was going to school matc I helped a man for several months get out of bed and put him in a chair from the bed and in the afternoon I would put him back to bed, I worked for independence living for a few years with mowing lawns painting I just like people they have great stories.   [More]


Meghan D. Racine, WI 37 years old
Caregiver - I have some experience taking care of seniors while I worked at a hospital , it was in radiology so I saw alot of different things everyday . I enjoy helping other people and it 's a good feeling to know that you can affect peoples lives positively when helping them.   [More]


Jacqueline M. Milwaukee, WI 62 years old
Caregiver - I have over three years of experience working with the elderly, dementia, the disabled, and assisted living clients. I am passionate about what I do because, they are in a vulnerable position, and they need help, they didnt ask to be in the situation that they are in. And besides they are full of wisdom, and can be a little stubborn, but you got to love them. I just love what I do, and do what I love. I love to help people in need.   [More]


Rebecca D. West Allis, WI 33 years old
Caregiver - For two years i took care of my grandmother battling cancer. I feel that it is very important to take care of someone as you would like your family. I enjoy being around senior and making them feel special. I cooked, cleaned, shopped and had fun with my grandmother. Taking care of someone else would be no problem.  [More]


Melissa P. Madison, WI 31 years old
Caregiver - I dont have a CNA certification nor have I worked as a care giver. I do have 2 kids I take care of I monitor my mother and her medications. I have always wanted to work as a care giver I feel as though my heart is there and this is my desitney. I work hard at everything I do. I believe I am loving and caring and know how to talk and interact wtih people.   [More]


Shanna C. Milwaukee, WI 38 years old
Caregiver - I have been a caregiver for individuals with mental and physical disabilities as well as elderly people. I enjoy caring for others because it makes me feel good. I have also cared for children with disabilities such as cerebral palsy and autism. I am dependable and confident in my skills when assisting others.  [More]


Kyanna R. Milwaukee, WI 30 years old
Caregiver - I have been a caregiver for just about a year now. I have all my cbrf trainings. I love working with the elderly and I am looking for a part-time job just to pick up hrs around my job that i have now. I am currently working at Fair view senior homes and before I stared Fair view senior home I was at Habor Village. I worked with people that had dementia.  [More]


Lea K. Milwaukee, WI 37 years old
Caregiver - All I've ever wanted to do in life is to be able to care for people who are unable to care for themselves . I'm not looking for any recognition, I actually do love what I do. To me it's easy. The way I view things is easy, when it comes to taking care of another person I see it as taking care of one of my relatives. How would I want my family to be taken care of.  [More]


Ellisa J. Milwaukee, WI 37 years old
Caregiver - I just received my CNA certification. I haven't yet to work work in a assisting or nursing home as experience just yet and looking to get that experience. I took up a 4 week CNA classes and a 1 week clinical where we had to work one on one in a nursing home with patients there. Helping feed them, bath them, dress them doing ADL. I passed the state exam skills and written test. Looking to put what I've learn to work.  [More]


Chaquita K. Milwaukee, WI 30 years old
Caregiver - Great worker with the passion to care for someone. Love to help people with their needs. Over 2 years experienced in this field... I'm passionate about what I do because I know the care of others is important and one day I will need the care one day so I'm only returning the favor early!   [More]


Nicole M. Milwaukee, WI 32 years old
Caregiver - I have 3 years experience providing daily loving cares-bathing, dressing, grooming, cooking and monitoring safety. I'm good with elderly-able to maintain professionalism, good with people of kinds of disability. I have excellent communication skills. I worked for Gareda Home Health Care (7/2006/07/2008) and also Visiting Angels (9/2008/06/2009). I have several certification for being a trained caregiver, by taking all the appropriate classes it made me a compassionate and better caregiver today.  [More]


Latrea H. Milwaukee , WI 33 years old
Caregiver - My name is Latrea and I am a caregiver. I recently work at St Lukes Medical center and I also have years of experience in Senior caregiving. My first experience was working for a 57 year old man that developed Parkinson's disease. I understood that this was a devastating disease to cope with so I took it upon myself to help this person as much as I could. Although it was something that I did from the heart it was a responsibility that I took on and made it my business to help make life easier fo  [More]


Gwen K. Milwaukee, WI 61 years old
Caregiver - I am a warm and caring person with 4-6 years of caregiving experience. I began my career working with the elderly and currently work with brain damaged individuals on a full-time basis. I am soft hearted and can adapt to any type of environment given the chance and opportunity. I can grow with any person or client you set me up with. I believe in giving all people a chance to prove themselves. I believe that if you hired me you would be pleased with me also.  [More]

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