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Emmanuel A. Anaheim, CA
Caregiver - I am an experienced male caregiver with good English communication. I took CNA Classes ten years ago but I was not able to finish schooling because of the demand for caregiver job. I work for very important people as caregiver either for live-in or live-out. I will accept an hourly fee for not less than $15.00 per hour. All my clients were entrusted to me under my full care, such as making doctors appointment, bringing the patient to the hospital either for emergency or non emergency. The famil  [More]


Kathy W. Anaheim, CA
Caregiver - C.N.A: 1997-2008 acute care and home health care: five year experience. I am open to any pay rate. I am willing to do prepare simple meals and light house keeping. I would like to focus on caring for the patient most of all I think that helping my patient is very important to me as a medical professional.   [More]


Christine S. Anaheim, CA
Caregiver - Caregiver/Companion: Non-medical service that I provide assistance with everyday tasks.  This allows an aging or in firmed member of the family to stay in the comfort of their own home while still receiving proper care.  The following are just some duties you will find helpful that I provide: - Driving to appointments - Picking-up needed items from the pharmacy - Grocery shopping - Assistance with personal hygiene (no bathing or showering), dressing and grooming - Meal   [More]


Marian M. Anaheim, CA
Caregiver - I am a 58 year old lady, fit and healthy, a mother and pet owner. I have not had experience as a "caretaker" before but I am the mother of a son who did not let me sleep through the night for the first two years of his life. At present my 15 year old dog can barely walk and I have to take him outside a couple of times in the night so he will not make a mess in the house, so I am used to taking care of others and am a responsible person. I am looking for a live-in job for about one y  [More]


Mike D. Anaheim, CA
Caregiver - I'm looking to secure long-term part work as a companion/housekeeper in the North Orange County Area, beginning March 1st. I will be available from 12:00 Noon to 5:00 pm M-F, with a beginning wage of $12.00/hr. I have earned a B.S. in Education and have eleven years experience as a live in caregiver for a totally disabled woman. In addition to her care, I also mentored and supervised her 10 ten year granddaughter which she adopted from Orangewood Childrens Home. I have been live scanned and   [More]


Carolyn C. Anaheim, CA
Caregiver - I was an attendant for a 70 year old woman and resided in her home for 2 years. She had mental issues as she was subjected to a partial lobotomy in the 50,s. She had extreme mood swings which at times resulted in her extreme reactions. I also have been a part-time caregiver for several clients in the So. Calif. and Washington areas. My schedule is flexible, as I am trying to publish a children's book and occasionally sing for various retirement homes. You may leave a message on either phone  [More]


Vicki W. Anaheim, CA 67 years old 10 years
Caregiver - I have approximately 18-1/.2 years experience doing Care giving. I'm very compassionate, caring and enjoy helping people. I can assist with showering, bathing, dressing, changing diapers, washing hair, cooking, dispensing medication. Light house keeping is ok. Can also do your marketing if needed. Also, I'm computer literate if you should need help with bill paying or sending e-mails to friends or loved ones. Have my own transportation w/insurance. If you have a pet or pets I'd be delighted in  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Rigo V. Anaheim, CA 44 years old
Caregiver - Been there for my mother for 20 years in every way. Very responsible young adult, willing to be their to our elderly in need, for transportation, doctors appointments, light lifting and run errands. Also I'm a certified massage therapist. Willing to be there for anyone in need.  [More]

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