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Let Us Be The Wind Beneath Your Wings

It is such a horrible feeling to know that your loved one is unsafe in his/her own home. But many seniors would rather stay in the home they have instead of a nursing home. Let’s face it; nursing homes are not really an option for most seniors!  The home they are familiar with has their vote!  I know first hand how it can cause sleeplessness, anxiety, worry and fear of the unknown.   Check out this web site…..  All the caregivers are certified and state tested, and as an added feature: HOME REPAIRS AT COST with all home repair service providers  licensed, certified and bonded when applicable etc., not just a neighbor with the right tools! We  offer overnight caregivers, and/or 24 hour care with discounts available on both!    Check out the site and see if you or any of your loved ones, neighbors or friends can use this awesome help! You can call the office today or email me and I will help you get started on a journey that will change your life!Thanks for your time and may God bless and keep you,   Pastor BarbOffice  440-878-3833             ( service should be a right, not just a desire!