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  • Chicagoland Caregivers
  • 700 N. Green Street
  • Suite 402
  • Chicago, IL 60622
  • Tel: 312-633-9005

Hicagoland Area. Chicagoland Caregivers

Chicagoland Caregivers provides professionally managed part-time, full-time
and 24-hour live-in caregivers to assist seniors and the disabled to remain
independent in their homes. A Care Manager will meet with potential clients
to conduct a free client assessment interview, to learn about the medical
condition, care needs and personality. A Care Plan is then created with a
specific routine for the caregiver to follow, including activities for a
balanced lifestyle and a customized documentation log for the caregiver to
complete each day. Supervisors check-in on the client and caregiver
regularly. The minimum service requirment is 3 hours per visit. All
Caregivers are employees of Chicagoland Caregivers with all payroll taxes
and insurance included in the hourly or daily fee. Background checks are
conducted on all employees and they are they are trained for each assignment
and attend ongoing caregiver training sessions. In addition, Chicagoland
Caregivers actively participates in training programs and conferences on
aging issues and keeps clients updated on the latest research and approaches
to care.