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  • Best Employment Agency
  • 440 E. Montrose Ave. # 302
  • Wood Dale, IL 60191
  • Tel: 630-873-0824

Chicagoland And Other Il Areas. Best Employm

We provide professional and affordable caregivers for the elderly customers, companionship, nannies and housekeepers. Most of our caregivers come from Poland as trained doctors or nurses. Many of them went through special training in the U.S. We are also bonded and licensed by the State of Illinois private employment agency.

Our staff speak English at least for communication, they have a lot of experience and excellent references with disable care. Because patient's health is our priority, we especially pay attention to the professional, honest, tolerant and warm service. We give our best, for our service to be the highest level and to make both parties satisfied.

We guarantee immediate assistance and in case of inability to provide the service, in case of sickness we find the substitute caregivers. We look forward to provide you with the best possible service. For further information, please contact us at: