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Radzney C. Millington, TN 46 years old
Caregiver - Hello, I am a filipina who got married to an American and is now living here in millington. I have taken care of both young and elderly people my whole life, with, I can say, love and compassion. And though I still haven't experienced working in Senior Care establishments I can say that, I will be honored to serve a senior who needs my help. I hope you will consider me as your caregiver. God bless.   [More]


Julie T. Millington, TN 40 years old
Caregiver - I worked at a retirement home as a CNA while I was in college in 1999. I really enjoyed working there and enjoy older people because they are wise and have great insight. I also took care of my pepaw when he was bed confined. He ws unable to move form a hospital bed and was feed by a peg in his stomach. I bathed him, feed him, gave him medication, rotated him in his bed an changed him. I also took care of what ever he needed. I am a massage therapist who loves to help people have a better qual  [More]

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