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Hillary K. Rossford, OH 34 years old
Caregiver - My name is Hillary. I just recently finished my CNA training and am waiting to be state tested. I love caring for people who cannot care for themselves. Who wouldn't want to help someone in need like that? I did my clinical at arbors at Oregon. Graduated with a 98 % GPA. I am and high school graduate from Thomas w. Kelly high school in Benton, mo. I recently moved to Ohio to better my life by getting away from everybody there who dragged me down. I am currently attending cedar creek church. I am  [More]


Autumn H. Rossford, OH 28 years old
Caregiver - I have never been employed at a Senior Care Center, but I have volunteered at a Care Center before. I have gone there with my friends before and played games with the patients, read to them, and just sat and listened to their stories. I also went to the centers a couple times in high school with my high school choir and sang songs and had lunch with the residents before. I love working and spending time with senior citizens. I enjoy learning from them, and I enjoy spending time with them, and li  [More]

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