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Emily B. Albuquerque, NM 30 years old
Caregiver - I have four months experience and in those four months I learned how to dress, bathe, prepare meals, assist with exercises and do light house keeping. I formed a very strong companion with this lady for I cared a lot about her and her regaining her mobility was very important to me. I am a Certified Medical Assistant and also CPR certified. I have a very big heart and am very easy to get along with. I have always since I was a child enjoyed helping others.  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Debra M. Albuquerque, NM 58 years old
Caregiver - I have many years of experience working with the elderly as a Caregiver and Social Worker. I enjoy working with the elderly so they can have a fulfilling life in their later years. I am a compassionate person who sees the need to put the client first and start from their needs. I am currently looking to continue my career working with the elderly.  [More]


Alexis V. Albuquerque, NM 35 years old
Caregiver - I have experience working children, adults and elderly. I have volunteered with organizations for children and adults since I was in 7th Grade. My heart and soul has been dedicated in helping people feel great, help make positive changes in they're lives and know someone is caring for they're best interest. For four years I cared for a male who recently passed away at 93 years old. He helped changed my outlook on life and appreciate who I have in my life and what I have. I was available 24/7  [More]


Courtney D. Albuquerque, NM 34 years old
Caregiver - As of now, I don't have much senior care experience, unless you count the time I spend with my elderly neighbor running errands with her and such. But what I do have is a very personable and patient persona and I would love to dedicate my time to someone who is in need of a caregiver and friend.   [More]

Available: Full-Time

Gordon G. Albuquerque, NM 56 years old
Caregiver - I have worked with 2 home healthcare facilities, I really enjoy helping others and getting them out into their environment. It is important for our seniors to get attention and exercise. I am only looking for a part time position. I am a full time medical biller. This would only be for a few hours a week.   [More]


Liz M. Albuquerque, NM 36 years old
Caregiver - I have recently moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico and am pursuing a nursing degree. I love working with seniors because they have lived through time periods and been apart of events that I can only read about. Older people are unique because they have unmatched experience and wisdom yet need care and assistance with daily life. I think about how many people-- siblings, friends, children, neighbors, parents, grandchildren-- the average senior has cared for in their lives and I want to be one to he  [More]


Theresa L. Albuquerque, NM 44 years old
Caregiver - I have ten years experience. Working in the home care field with all populations I really enjoy my work and set my standards high on my quality of care I like to work for high quality companies who pride themselves on giving good quality care I enjoy working with private also. I come with letters of recommendation from a few companies one being guardianship of n. M. I have worked privately for them six years but recently have lost my client of six years so I am looking for new steady and long te  [More]


Rebecca Z. Albuquerque, NM 38 years old
Caregiver - I have been a CNA for 8 years now. I currently work in a nursing home. I love my job but working in a nursing home we are usually under staffed and are unable to provide quality care to our residents. I would like to have more time with my patient and be able to take care of them with out them waiting for more then a few minutes to get there needs met.   [More]


Dolores F. Albuquerque, NM 63 years old
Caregiver - I have worked as a non-medical companion for seniors in both Colorado and New Mexico. My most recent Caregiver job was last year between August and October. My main duties have included light housekeeping, light cooking (lunch), and running errands for and with the clients. I enjoy helping seniors and enjoy their company.  [More]


Kathy B. Albuquerque, NM 63 years old
Caregiver - I have worked as a CNA in a private pay facility and at a Hospice in Albuquerque. I believe it is a calling and I enjoy clients so much. I work full time in Medical Records for the afore mentioned hospice, but would to reconnect with the elderly. I do have some open hours and would like to fill those with something I really enjoy.  [More]


Griffin C. East Mountion.Albuquerque, NM
Caregiver - I have 20 years experience with providing in home care for the Elderly and acute and sub acute. I like home care best because of the family like relationships I get to develop with the person I am helping. I am very easy to get along with I have a clear NMDL . At this time I am available from 7 pm to 6 am 7 days a week . I have refs upon request. If you have any question feel free to give me a call or a e-mail .  [More]


Dianne S. Albuquerque, NM
Caregiver - I am a caregiver with four years experience in private home health care. I have had patients with dementia and wheel chair bound. Will run errands and light house keeping. I will also cook and help with bathing. I will travel up to 40 miles from Albuquerque if needed. Also, I have hospice experience.Thank you for contacting me.   [More]


Natalie T. Albuquerque, NM
Caregiver - I cared for my grandmother when we found out that she had cancer. It started with simple things such as companionship, light house keeping, meals and errands. Gradually it became lifting, dressing, bathing, medication and so on. I currently work at a retirement community doing housekeeping. Occasionally I help with dressing, lifting and clearing out old food. I enjoy the stories they all have to tell and would like to work with seniors on more of a one on one basis.  [More]


Alex T. Albuquerque, NM
Caregiver - I am a NM resident. I've earned a Bachelors degree in Recreation Therapy and am currently licensed as a Massage therapist. I have worked in the health care field for over 7 years. Two of those years were in an assisted living facility as program director. I educated the staff, family and residents on fall prevention and transfer training. I am comfortable and willing to assist with personal hygiene with both male or female. Also, I like to en corporate my massage therapy skills to my clients and  [More]


Dawn J. Albuquerque, NM
Caregiver - I am a Certified Nursing Assistant and have been for since 2002. I have worked in nursing homes, hospitals, home health, and assisted living. I am also CPR certified. I would like to find a home health care job that is flexible and if at all possible an over night job.  [More]


James H. Albuquerque, NM
Caregiver - I have been working for the past 2 years in a day center for both the elderly and the handicapped. I have had a wide range of training, and have worked with a wide variety of patients. I am looking to use my personal skills to provide the respect and care that people with disabilities or special needs deserve. I am a 44yr old male that can handle the day to day needs of someone with mobility problems. I would like to use my abilities to make a difference in the patients needs as well as the   [More]


Bernadette T. Albuquerque, NM
Caregiver - I have 30 yrs. plus experience mainly doing private duty. I am currently working 3 days a week Mon Tues and Wed and need to get my Thurs and Fri filled. i have worked with Alzheimers, Dementia stroke patients, etc. am very honest and dependable. I am a very loving caring individual and will treat elderly with the respect and dignity they deserve. I run errands,cook meals, light housekeeping,take to Drs appt's, assist with personal care. etc. Thank you for your consideration.  [More]


Cynthia H. Albuquerque, NM
Caregiver - I do not have experience in this area, but do have experience in health care and elderly care. I have always been interested in this type of work. I am currently in nursing school and plan on attending medical school. I enjoy the company of others as well as keeping others company.  [More]


John G. Albuquerque, NM
Caregiver - Assisting hospice patients from 1995 to 2001 at my mother's home based business. 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Tube feeding, vitals taken, vena-puncture, assisting quads/para pelagic patients with daily functions eating/sleeping/bathing/rehabilitation. Exercising each patient to their ability for complete recovery. preparing foods per each patient dietary needs, cleaning washing clothes, keeping the house clean.  [More]


Jennifer P. Albuquerque, NM
Caregiver - Certified Nursing Assistant seeking employment as a private caregiver. Preferably long term.  Only recently obtained my CNA and EMT-Basic licenses in 2007.  Last employer was Presbyterian Hospital over three years ago where I worked registering patients in to the ER.  Since then I have had a child and obtained my prerequisites for nursing program.  I am ready to go back to work and utilize my recent education and personal skills in a care giving environment.  I can work   [More]

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