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Nancy P. Oak Lawn, IL 63 years old
Caregiver - I have provided care for my mother for the past two years including medical assistance. I feel strongly about providing a superior level of care for the elderly. I enjoy the company of seniors and feel that they deserve respect which becomes transparent with the type of care I can provide.  [More]


Dainora J. Oak Lawn, IL
Caregiver - A caregiver since 1999. Started off by working for the agency which provided caretakers for Hospice patients. Not only at peoples' private residencies, but also at the hospitals, before patients were sent home. Extensive experience in medication intake supervision, feeding tubes, IVs. As well as helping with everyday needs:such as bathing, dressing, cooking meals, cleaning, laundry, etc. Last, but not least - helped out with personal correspondence. In some cases - was asked to answer the pho  [More]

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