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Susan S. Channahon, IL
Caregiver - I have worked in the grocery business for 25 years. I got hurt in June and a customer called me at home to ask if I would be interested in taking care of his daughter of 25 years who has many issues like preder willie mental retardation, etc... I was waiting for the ok on knee surgery so I said yes I would take her. It has been the most rewarding experience in my heart and soul. There are days when it is so frustrating, but I have the patience and compassion for her and anyone that has a problem  [More]


Dorie W. Channahon, IL
Caregiver - My name is Dorie Wilson, I am a compassionate and loving caregiver. I am willing to work with all types of clients. I have special gift with AD, dementia and mental disabilities. I'm willing to travel up to 50 miles away. I am a new cna with not many years experience but I am young and energetic and love working and helping all different types of people. I have specialized so far with the elderly community but am willing to work in all different types of cetting, and with all different clients.  [More]

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