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Teresa R. Cohutta, GA
Caregiver - I have had lots of experience in care giving. bathing dressing giving meds cooking. and cleaning house and mowing lawns. I would like to live in if possible. I lived in a old peoples home where they had to people had massive heart attacks. I have a grandma that is elderly and I love dearly I take her shopping get her mail and take her garbage out. I will take whoever i live in i will take them to doctors and grocery shopping.  [More]


Teresa R. Cohutta, GA
Caregiver - I have lots of experience in taking care of elderly people and children. I have bathed people give meds helped them get dressed . cooked whatever they wanted. did there laundry. took care of about 15 people on my own. in a foster home for they elderly. I also moved the lawn. Right know i am helping my mom take care of my aunt who has cancer. That is the second cancer patient I have taking care of.  [More]

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