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Teletha S. Wildomar, CA 55 years old
Caregiver - My name is Teletha Smith I have over 20 yrs working with the elderly, it all started at an early age my grand mother was sick and i loved her so much that i cared for her for a number of year, until she went to heaven, after that i knew what i was going to do for work, that would be care for the elderly, i went to school for CNA I have worked in hospitals , care facility , and for agency, I love the elderly for they are kind and loveable this what i was put on this earth to do care for th  [More]


Aneita B. Wildomar, CA
Caregiver - I entered the field as a nurses aid in 1973. In 1986 I received both cna and chha certificate from San Diego City College. Since that time I have taken care of the elderly,severely-disabled as well handicapped of all ages. At this stage I am looking for a long term position single or couple. I have many years of experience caring for others individually as well as in acute care facilities. I can provide references as well as recommendations. I am willing to travel up to fifty miles. I prefer twe  [More]

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