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Rachelle R. Vallejo, CA
Caregiver - I used to work as a caregiver in a home instead agency. My agency assigned me to work in a senior home in Sonoma. I really enjoy working with seniors because they treat me as the way I treat them. I prepare their meal, run errands, light housekeeping, remind their medications, accompanied them to the doctor visit. I went to the other places beside Sonoma. I want to continue working as a caregiver and expand my experiences by giving care for our seniors.   [More]


Angela T. Vallejo, CA
Caregiver - I am young,but am very expierienced wheb it comes to caring for an individualwhether their old or young. When my sister had her accident I naturally took on the responsibility of caring for her,helping her to the bathroom and wiping her up, bathing her, talking to her when she felt alone. This was for over 6 months. I also have 7 sisters who I have cared for from baby years and still caring for them now. When my sister got burned I also cared for her by changing her bandages,cleaning her up and   [More]

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