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Nancy S. San Clemente, CA 65 years old
Caregiver - I 've received my senior care experience by helping to care for imediate family members and very dear and close friends, mother's and grandmothers, along the years, I'm very passionate in my care of their needs because i feel everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, especially when they can;t care for themselves and depend on,..sometimes complete strangers for their every need and desires. It can be so overwhelming not only for the person being cared for, but the family member's as   [More]


Doreen T. San Clemente, CA
Caregiver - Retired Registered Nurse nurse in California, worked in a hospital setting for eighteen years in Medical/Surgical and Transitional Care Unit. I am fit and healthy, I have a good driving record, good on the computer. Adaptable.Plays tennis, chess and sudoku. I like all animals. Taught water fitness. I can help with home exercise and I like to travel or watch travel films on TV.    [More]

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