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Elaine D. Richmond, CA
Caregiver - I've been a home care giver since 2006 to the present time.  I started to care for my adult gravely disabled son and then went on to private care for elderly clients in their home on four hour shifts or as a Live in on the weekends.  I worked for Accent Care as a Live in care giver for several clients. I assisted these clients with personal care, meal preparation, performed household duties and served as an aide, guide, and companion to my clients.  I enj  [More]


Vicky T. Richmond, CA
Caregiver - I am a mature  English speaking (only) female working in the Bay Area looking for full time work, I can work night s weekends and daytime shifts. I have experience with cancer, Parkinson's, dementia, transplant, stroke, and many other problems. I will work around pets and children, I drive a reliable care. I have good references on demand Thank you and have a Happy New Year  [More]


Norine S. Richmond, CA
Caregiver - My husband and I are a married couple of 11 years. We are happily married. We have no children. I (the wife) have been doing caregiving since I was 17. I am 41 now. There have been occasions when we needed my husbands help for something and he always worked out well. My husband is an auto-mechanic...and general handy man...very computer literate...can figure out how to fix anything. He is just one of those guys. He is a very hard worker and grew up around farms. I'm a great caregiver/com  [More]

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