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Kathryn R. Paso Robles, CA 56 years old
Caregiver - I am a professional ready to make your life more comfortable, safe and happy. InHome Caregiver for 23 years. I can handle all ages and all levels of care. Alzheimer's,Sugery recovery, Amputations, Disabilties,Disease,Head Injuries,End of days-Hospice care.Etc. Lots of references available You will be very pleased with my services. I go beyond the call of duty.  [More]


Efrain G. Paso Robles, CA
Caregiver - I'm a 24 hr caregiver very experienced I have taken the cna classes but did not like the hospital setting, I have worked with people with Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's etc. I have worked for EOC, elderly facilities and I have done some independent work, familiar with hydration, sterilization, nutrition, recreation, experienced with bathing, shaving toileting and all the care an elderly person needs also have a CPR and first aid license and have some art therapy knowledge.  [More]

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