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Jana W. Pasadena, CA
Caregiver - I started out by taking care of my father, which included grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning his house. I then took care of my mother after she was in a car accident and had brain injury. She was unable to do anything for herself the first 6 months and then she started being able to slowly do basic household things. Her speech took a long time to become comprehensible due to frontal aphasia. She is now mostly self-reliant, only needing a part-time caregiver. I have also had experience w  [More]


Patricia D. Pasadena, CA 48 years old
Caregiver - My name is Patricia, I ' m a very loving, caring and patient person. I love to converse with the elderly and spend time I find them very insightful. it is also good for me to have their company because of how much I enjoy spending time with them.   [More]

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