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Anica N. Orange, CA 61 years old
Caregiver - I am very carring, kindhearted person, I have worked with elderly for more than 6 years and I love to help them and be a companion and friend, to make their days more easy. I cook delicious healthy meals, do housekeeping, administrate medicine, I go for walks and exersice, diaper change, live in I am a very hard working women and dedicated to what I do.  [More]


Sandy H. Orange, CA 68 years old
Caregiver - I've been a companion, caregiver for 15years I'm a good listener love to hear all about your life on this planet have good cooking skills I've been told this with everyone I cook for. I can do most anything and everything including taking care of you your cat dog horse boat rv whatever please email me with even a one week trial basis and I will asap you right away thanks for your time and have a great thanksgiving.   [More]


Rebecca G. Orange County-la-, CA
Caregiver - I have worked in assisted living, retirement homes, elderly care facilities ect. I have put together senior stretch programs, assisted a physical therapist with water aerobics for seniors and have loved the elderly community since i was a teenager. I have the patience to work and care for seniors and the compassion to understand and listen to them. I see seniors as a rich addition to society who hold stories of the past and experiences which need to be shared. I have taken a few geriatric massag  [More]


Elizabeth C. Orangevale, CA
Caregiver - I have six-years experience providing social services to people diagnosed with a mental illness. I also have one year experience ( Part-time basis) working with the elderly diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I am a full-time student at CSU Sacramento working on my BS degree in Speech Pathology. I am bilingual in Spanish and am seeking part-time work around the Roseville area for the following days: Friday through Monday. Please let me know if you have anything that is available. Thank you for your time  [More]

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