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Shelly V. Oakdale, CA 30 years old
Caregiver - My senior care experience has been with me all my life. My mother was a geriatric nurse so when I was younger I would go with her and watch her work. When I was in high school I did the ROP heath class, and I volunteered to work in the oak valley care center. I absolutely adore working with seniors. Its a passion, I love it, and I hope to work with more seniors in the near future. My mom did it, my aunt does it, its like a family passion.   [More]

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Whittney S. Oakdale, CA 29 years old
Caregiver - When I was in High School I took health career classes, which included clinics. We worked in local nursing homes and I realized this is the profession I wanted to be in. I was offered a nursing scholarship and plan to get my CNA license. In the meantime, I would be honored to work in a nursing home environment while pursuing my education.  [More]

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Loretta M. Oakdale, CA
Caregiver - I have over 10 years experience in the Health care Industry. My experience in the following areas: Mental Health, Obstetrics, Neonatal Nursery, Pediatrics, Medical/Surgical, Skilled Nursing and CDC Facility, has given me a diversity of skills and knowledge. I am an Licensed Vocational Nurse. Licensed in the state of California for 3 year, prior to that a CNA for 8 yrs, also have experience in ICFDD-N and ICFDD-h facilities.  [More]

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