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Ellena R. Monterey, CA 58 years old
Caregiver - I'm a highly dependable & reliable nurturing caregiver helping people live full, independent and dignified lives within the comfort of their own homes. With more then 5 years experience. I'm committed to helping patients maintain the highest possible level of independent living with expertise in caring for patients with dementia and cancer. I also provide patients with around the clock care administer medication under doctors orders, help bathe clients and complete routine household duties. I'm   [More]


Nancy K. Monterey, CA
Caregiver - I've been a nurse for 6 years. I've worked at hospitals on the long term acute care floors, telemetry floor, medicine surgery and icu. I also worked at a nursing home facility and work as charge on the floor. I've also been a correctional nurse and I've done home health nursing. I really enjoy being a nurse and I'm continuing my education in nursing starting in February. My expectations are a good working environment and to help others.  [More]

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