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Rajeeyah B. Lakewood, CA
Caregiver - Cambrian Home Care, respite for families with disabled children. Mentor, Companion for disabled seniors. Picking them up from their homes and taking them to the senior center,  shopping, and amusement, what ever you can do with them in a certain period of time and return them home. Most were living in residential facilities.  [More]


Eloisa N. Lakewood, CA
Caregiver - My name is Eloisa and I live in Lakewood, CA. I am 54 year old Filipina lady with five years experience in caregiving. I can have my boyfriend, Dennis Williams drive me to Orange County on a daily basis or as needed. I usually work as a "live-in" caregiver. I work three or four days a week and require at least three days off per work unless its an emergency then I can work five days a week. I can also recommend another qualified Filipina caregiver releaver on my three or four days off. I   [More]


Janice W. Lakewood, CA
Caregiver - I am 54 years old and I have many excellent references from former patients families, doctors, and visiting nurses I have worked with. I live in the Lakewood area and I would like to stay in this area. I am a dependable, hard and honest worker. Who enjoys helping other people feel better. And I try my best to help family members and my patients to experience less stress. Please contact me any time even if you just want someone to talk to. Maybe I can help you to know the type of help you need.   [More]

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