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Miles B. La Verne, CA
Caregiver - One year with Home Instead Senior Care in Prescott AZ. I have relocated back to ca. After having spent 3 years in az. Prior to that I had a career here in so. Ca. For 35 years. I retired 4 years ago, moved to az. Bought a home there, it is now leased out and I'm back in ca. Close to my family, where they wanted me to be. I do enjoy helping those who need it and giving back to those who have given so much! I live in la verne and pretty much have an open schedule @ this time. Like I expressed I ha  [More]


Patricia S. La Verne, CA
Caregiver - I have worked as a Caregiver/ Companion for the last several years for a wonderful couple. I took care of both of them. Dot had Alzheimer's Disease and Don had Parkinson's Disease. I gave them their medications daily and made their meals. I performed some medical procedures at home for Don, I had to cath him 2x per day to keep him from infection.. I did several wound dressings, for surgeries when needed. Shaving and other personal care as needed. Made their Doctors appts. reordered Rx's Made su  [More]

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