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Teresa S. Huntington Beach, CA 65 years old 2 years
Caregiver - Caring and compassionate care giver, very kind and loving I will take care of your family member as it it was my own family. I myself know how it is to have someone sick I lost my own brother to Leukemia very young so I can relate to pain. I am very patient and have the most respect and love to care for the person who is under my care it is my calling and I do it with love. your family member is in good hands with me. I also have very good references from my old employers. I have experience in  [More]


Rebecca M. Huntington Beach, CA 68 years old
Caregiver - I have been a caregiver for over 15 years careing for the elderly, Alzheimer's, frail elderly and Hospice patients also. I am also a good cook and can prepare special diets also.I am available 4 //10 hours a day some week-ends will do live in 3 days.  [More]


Elena O. Huntington Beach, CA
Caregiver - I am a Certified Nursing Assistant with over 10 yrs of experience working with the elderly. I specialize in Alzheimer's and Dementia. I have extended education in elderly care that goes beyond my C.N.A. certification. I have also worked with Cancer and Diabetes patients. I am looking to fill in shifts throughout the week,in Orange County.  [More]


Regina V. Huntington Beach, CA
Caregiver - I am a Filipina with 3 1/2 years of caregiving experienced. I am interested to work 12 hours a day every Friday and Saturday. I took care of a diabetic client before and dementia patients too. I am interested to work with any companionship related caregiving for I need extra money for my bills.  [More]


Julie A. Huntington Beach, CA
Caregiver - I currently assist a very nice 91 yr old lady in Costa Mesa but it's only to substitute for her regular caregiver when she is off and needs to do her errands. I am seeking more hours/days during the week if possible. She has Macular Degeneration and I have experience with these types of conditions as my 95 year old grandfather had same. I enjoy sweet natured folks and enjoy conversing with them about their interests, likes and dislikes etc.  [More]


Marilyn S. Huntington Beach, CA
Caregiver - I am a 60yr. old woman in good health with an excellent driving record. I have always worked well with seniors, & had custodial care of my mother, father, & stepfather for over 12yrs. That privilege is now gone. Having been self employed for many years as an interior designer & as a retailer, I do know how to work with the public, & to get things done.  [More]

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