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Mary Ann P. Fresno, CA
Caregiver - Caregiver for senors, prepare meals, light housekeeping, reminder of medications, Drive to Drs appt., make beds, do laundry take them for walks,and companion ship.Take them shopping also grocery shopping, help with shower, help with dressing, help with combing hair, help them in and out of bed, help with yard work.  [More]


Faviola P. Fresno, CA 34 years old 3 years
Caregiver - I'm enrolled with In-Home Support Service for a year. I use to take care of my grandmother but i moved to Fresno CA. My Mother has worked careing for senior's for a long time, so i grew-up loving them to :) i'm looking for full or part time job. i'm a very nice person.   [More]


Lisa T. Fresno, CA 58 years old
Caregiver - I have 3 years experience working with developmental disabled adults, and Seniors in their own homes. I have also worked in a group home. I have assisted residents with activities of daily living skills, hygiene, showers, changed depends, oxygen, and nebulizer treatments, took residents vitals, transported on outings, companionship with elderly, cooked, cleaned , incontinent care, worked with dementia clients, medication reminders. Housekeeper for elderly couple. Also worked with children fo  [More]


Sarah H. Fresno, CA 29 years old
Caregiver - I have not had professional senior care experience but, I took care of my grandparents before they went into senior care living. I would do things such as drive them places they needed to go, help clean and cook, take care of pets and things of that sort. I took pride in helping them with things that they couldn’t completely do themselves. I would love to make senior care my job.  [More]


Darlene B. Fresno, CA 47 years old 10 years
Caregiver - I have been working in the caregiving industry for 16 years. I have worked for Hylond as a CNA and the fulltime Med Tech at Orchard Park. I can offer a level of support and interaction that helps your loved one remain engaged in life, reducing their feelings of isolation and encouraging activities that stimulate thinking and promote physical well-being. I am highly qualified, trained and a compassionate caregiver and ready to help you and your loved one with a variety of daily activities.  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Sally A. Fresno, CA 73 years old
Caregiver - My experience working with elderly people has been in a medical office setting. I was a medical assistant for 16 years, working in different specialties. I attended Bryman Medical Assisting School in Anaheim, Ca. I believe some of us have a calling for helping others and in return feeling a great satisfaction. Please e-mail me back if you feel I would be a suitable candidate for this position. Thank you in advance.   [More]


Lucille W. Fresno, CA 70 years old
Caregiver - Caring responsible licensee vocational nurse seeking position in the Fresno Ca. Area day time hours preferable but open to pm shifts. Administer medication, assessment, vitals, ventilators, suctions machines, doctors appointments, errands and lite housekeeping.   [More]


Tony M. Fresno, CA 38 years old
Caregiver - I have approximately one full year of working as a caregiver. I have worked with people who were in severe need of care. I am grateful to see progress in the everyday lives of my patients. I enjoy providing support to people who are in need. Caregiving is fulfilling, when it is done from the heart.  [More]


Anita S. Fresno, CA 68 years old
Caregiver - Experienced professional with noted success in elderly care giving QUALIFICATIONS I have been providing home health care for 25 years. I have dealt with cancer patients, patients with alzheimers disease, the blind, the mentally challenged, patients with dementia,and people who have had strokes.I do light housekeeping, drive my client to and from appointments (yes, I have a clean D.L. and I am insured), I provide 24 hour care, and I am willing to move in ( if necessary). I can provide you   [More]


Leslie B. Fresno, CA 32 years old
Caregiver - I have 3 years experience in elderly care I cared for my grandfather which my duties included cooking, cleaning. I also have cared for other elderly clients an my duties there were cooking, cleaning, help shower, help dress. I have also watched over someone at night an helped them to an from the restroom when needed.  [More]


Janay P. Fresno, CA 32 years old 3 years
Caregiver - I'm passionate about what I do because I was raise by my grandmother. She became ill when I was younger and I was taking care of her. I started with doing it at home and then I went to the hospital with her to do it because she wouldnt let the staff do it since I was doing it for so long. I went from taking care of just her to the hospital and worked for the same group of people who took care of my grandmother. They seen how ell I done with with her. I love the feeling of taking care of others w  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Faten M. Fresno, CA 36 years old 8 years
Caregiver - I have been a nursing assistant/caregiver for 8 years. I personally love caring for the elderly. It is my passion. I am passionate about caring for the elderly because I love making them smile. They have so much knowledge, and just to hear them speak so wonderfully about their past makes me very happy. It really lifts my spirits when I feel that the person feels comfortable with me. I love when they tell me that I'm like their 2nd granddaughter. It brightens up my day when they smile and tell me  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Jodie M. Fresno, CA 38 years old 3 years
Caregiver - Shortly after graduating high school I worked at Elim Gardens caring for residents with both Alzheimer's and dementia. I enjoyed seeing some of my residents faces light up when they saw me. I cared for them as if they were my own grandma or grandpa living at the facility. I consider my self to be a people pleaser. That's a good thing, but it can also be mistaken for a weakness. When I had to get up and go to work, I didn't mind. I was excited to go to work and see all my friends who sometimes r  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Dora M. Fresno, CA 43 years old
Caregiver - I am a highly motivated person that has experience in being a caregiver for five years. In my experience I have been a caring person with a passion to help others, my job duties include grooming, bathing, companionship,cooking, cleaning,and transportation to and from destination and much more.  [More]


Jessica M. Fresno, CA 33 years old
Caregiver - To bring to your organization enthusiasm, dedication, responsibility, and good work ethic, combined with a desire to learn and utilize new skills.i have three years of experience working in assisted living facilities. I also have 8 years experience in providing care for my grandmother who suffers with Alzheimer's disease. I am a Very Hard Worker, Team player, Articulate/Well Mannered, excellent Communication Skills. Great Organizational Skills, Great listener,and very Reliable. I'm certified i  [More]


Tammy L. Fresno, CA 58 years old 7 years
Caregiver - I have worked 5 years in a convalescent hospital caring for seniors and Alzheimer patients, I also worked 2 years at acute hospital. I can take vital signs, give bath and shower, can lift people in and out of bed experience with the hoyer lift, prepare meals, light house cleaning, and give good companionship to seniors. I consider myself passionate because I love caring for seniors, I feel they need the extra support and love, I think its a great honor to work with seniors I feel I can learn som  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Teri H. Fresno, CA 60 years old 6 years
Caregiver - Have six years experience as a caregiver. Have much experience with personal care, shopping, errands, light housekeeping, prepare light meals, take people to appointments, medicine reminders and companionship. Lots of experience with Alzheimer's and Dementia. Some experience with cancer, stroke, hospice, respite care, catheters, and oxygen tank clients. Enjoy helping others, have a caring heart for seniors and others who need extra care. Feel role as a caregiver very important for seniors an  [More]

Available: Part-Time

Adriana K. Fresno, CA 34 years old
Caregiver - Hi my name is Adriana and I've been taking care of people for a long time. I started doing in home supportive services about 4 years ago. When I was there I took care of a elderly woman I use to take her to appointments, grocery shopping, cleaned house, etc. I also worked at a group home with six people with special needs. While working there I took showers, brushed teeth, got dressed, cooked food, washed clothes, etc. I am a very hard worker and would be alot of help to anyone in need.   [More]


Patricia T. Fresno, CA 64 years old 10 years
Caregiver - From 1997 to 2003, I lovingly cared for both of my elderly, disabled parents until their death. Since then, I have cared for Audrey Dinublio (Jan. 2003- Mar. 2005) and June Wilson, until her passing with Parkinsons (April, 2006 until July 2008). I particularly enjoy working with the elderly because of their years of experience, sense of humor (hopefully) and their honesty.  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Chanel R. Fresno, CA 47 years old 2 years
Caregiver - Hello my name is Chanel I current work in medical office in Clovis.I've been working there for almost 9yrs.I have a CPR card.I also had another job taking care of a elderly lady up until she passed away a couple of months ago.I helped on the weekends. I stayed with her for almost 2yrs.I'm very reliable I can also work some evenings if needed.A couple of things I did with my last client was I would get her up in the morning,sponge bath,make her breakfast,prepare her med's.And then in mid morning   [More]

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