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Terresa G. Davis, CA 46 years old
Caregiver - My first experience providing care to seniors began 3 years ago. While attending school at Sacramento City College I started to care for my grand father who was in the end stages of Alzheimer's disease. While working with him I deeply enjoyed the great conversations that we had together. I saw just how important it was to have someone there in the end who is able to provide a loving and nurturing atmosphere. After my grandfather past away I started helping another elderly woman that had just suf  [More]


Kim T. Davis, CA 36 years old
Caregiver - I started out teaching preschool and somehow it turned into teaching preschool to developmentally disabled children. It then turned into caring for developmentally disabled teenagers and adults. I have worked as a residential trainer for 1 1/2 years and i have my associates of applied sciences in early childhood education with a minor in psychology.  [More]


Agnes M. Davis, CA
Caregiver - I'm a very responsible, dedicated,strong and loving caregiver. I've five years experience taking care of people with different needs, hospice, memory loss clients, bed bound, diaper care etc. I cook, clean, laundry, doctors appts, shopping, give patient total care to name a few. I would love to work in Davis, west sac, Dixon, Vaccaville, Woodland and Winters. I've good references so don't hesitate to try me.  [More]

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