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Mary B. Camarillo, CA 74 years old
Caregiver - (1) Took care of and lived with my mother through lung cancer, acting as her medical advocate. Handled all appointments, transportation to/from; interacted with medical personnel, dispensed medication, prepared meals, managed all household chores. (2) Took care of 87-year old female who was insulin diabetic (brittle), with renal failure, and suffered from severe back pain. Lived in 5 days per week. Liaison with medical personnel, family, power-of-attorney, care manager; transportation to/fr  [More]


Robert S. Camarillo, CA
Caregiver - I have 39 years experience in the medical field, starting with being trained as a medic in the Navy, and I have worked as a medical assistant in MD offices, I have worked as a phlebotomist with several companies, and have worked as an EKG technician. I have 6 years experience working as a live in caregiver, taking care of both my parents, who had severe dementia. I am a responsible, English speaking, caring individual.  [More]


Lidia G. Camarillo, CA
Caregiver - I'm an experienced caregiver. caring patient, own transportation, like pets, non-smoker, excellent references, CPR/First Aid certified, criminal clearance. looking for 8 to 12 hour shifts. I have experience working with Alzheimer/Dementia patients as well as other different disabilities, I can work anywhere in Ventura or Santa Barbara county.  [More]


Stan P. Camarillo, CA
Caregiver - All-Round Housekeeping: Light Cleaning, Laundry, Cooking, Ambulatory Health Care, Companionship, Guardianship. References available, experienced, Good Driver, Dependable,Responsible, Honest, and Trustworthy. 60 year old Japanese/American from Hawaii. Well spoken, Great conversationalist, well educated, U.S. Citizen. English only, cannot speak Spanish. Great Attitude.  [More]

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