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Christi P. Bakersfield, CA 41 years old 3 years
Caregiver - I have the enthusiasm and sensitivity to work with the elderly, and senior citizens. I have many years of caregiving not only for adults, but also children. Beyond that my love for people and compassion for life encourages me to be drawn to helping others. I am an excellent, and thorough housekeeper. I love entertaining, and organizing. Furthermore my integrity, and outstanding character shines within my skills and abilities.  [More]


Denise B. Bakersfield, CA 35 years old 1 year
Caregiver - I have a strong passion to both work and volunteer with the elderly-I have a Masters in social work and studied aging. I interned for 1 year at a hospice and also 1 year at the local Aging and Adult Services Department. During my internship experiences, I provided supportive counseling and companionship to older adults. I really love the older adult population :-)  [More]


Zeretta H. Bakersfield, CA 65 years old 5 years
Caregiver - University Student: Undergraduate work in Gerontology I am committed to caring for the elderly. I love helping others and love the challenge of learning new things. Experienced, Compassionate, Confidential, Honest, Kind, Patient and Reliable Native English Speaker Sunny disposition, Positive, Upbeat, Cand-do attitude Excellent communication skills Services provided: Personal care bathing Dental Hygiene Medicine reminders Ambulation and range of motion exercise Turnin  [More]

Available: Part-Time

Sean V. Bakersfield, CA 32 years old 3 years
Caregiver - Well I have tree years of care experience from kids to seniors. I have always liked helping out others and just giving others care and friendship where they can not get it any where else. I see alot of elderly people round especially in wheel chairs and there is no oe there beside them and it makes me sad. I know that if I am not able tobe there for my mom then I would make sure that someone will be there to take care of her. So I believe there is someone out there to watch over you, you just ha  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Kasmira A. Bakersfield, CA 29 years old
Caregiver - I quite enjoy learning about our history and I believe that there is no better way of doing that than through those who lived it, our senior citizens. I have taken care of my grandparents for years and love going to senior events with them. I am often found dancing and conversating with those at the Rasmussen Senior Center. I am young, energetic, enthusiastic and confident about taking care of those who have beeen around enough to deserve our help. Without them there would be no us and without u  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Angela P. Bakersfield, CA 28 years old
Caregiver - I am a very passionate person when it comes to helping people. I have experience cooking, cleaning, and much more. As a young kid, I would go to my local convalescent home and help out with as much as I could. I play the piano by ear and I love all types of music. I'm a very easy to get along with person and I love conversations. I am always up for learning something new; I enjoy sharing information just as much as I enjoy learning it. I hope to be enrolled in school by the end of this year onc  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Kilene M. Bakersfield, CA 41 years old
Caregiver - Most of my experience in care giving has been with children. I have had various nanny/housekeeping positions over the years. I also worked with disabled adults, some in wheelchairs, at a summer camp. I have a passion for service and helping people, and being a part of positive change. My father passed away of cancer, and during his final days, hospice worked with him, I was able to witness how tender care made the greatest difference, and even had the opportunity to help assist them in help  [More]


Breanna B. Bakersfield, CA 30 years old
Caregiver - I'm currently 19 years old.. I help take care of my elderly grandmother who has a bad hip. And has a hard time getting around as well as I help take care of a friend of the family who suffers from a stroke and he cant get around what so ever.. It makes me feel good helping others because if I was in there situation I would want some one to do the same for me.. I love meeting new people. No matter what the circumstances are.  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Carol J. Bakersfield, CA 50 years old
Caregiver - Hi my name is Carol, I've been a caregiver for 2years now, and I love what I do. I love it more knowing I can help someone else that can't do much for them self's, Its a great joy to see then smile when you come to help then with what ever they need done. And what makes them happy as well is knowing there will be someone there to lesson to them when they talk & that's a big plus to them, knowing someone's care's about there fillings and what make them happy. Lesson to what they need and everythi  [More]


Mirria G. Bakersfield, CA 28 years old
Caregiver - I have taken care of my grandfather for about 8-10 years, and I wish to continue to work with elderly folks. I love to work with elderly people and help them as much as I can, because they are such a joy to be around and I really am passionate about helping others. Also I feel whenever I help them I am doing a good deed. Elderly people need help these days, and I would love to become a part of their lives and help them as much as I can.   [More]


Tracey V. Bakersfield, CA 41 years old 8 years
Caregiver - Cared for the elderly in their home, assisting patients with daily activities, cleaning, cooking kept on a medication schedule and administered their medications, helping patients in and out of bed, documented in a chart patients daily log vital information. I enjoy working with the elderly because I feel that it is a rewarding job.   [More]

Available: Full-Time

Selena E. Bakersfield, CA 36 years old
Caregiver - I have experience in the medical field and I am committed to helping people especially those with disabilities. I will be attending classes in August 2009 to become a certified nursing assistant. I am very compassionate about working in this type of field. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  [More]


Raechelle B. Bakersfield, CA 35 years old
Caregiver - I have had the passion to work with seniors, mentally disabled, ADHD children, since I was first exposed at a young age of dealing with my uncle who live with me all my life, that was mentally challenge, its not just a job but a dedication that I strive for me to proceed in school to open up my own home for clients of that sort to speak atmosphere of willing to help one's that can't do for themselves.   [More]


Gina A. Bakersfield, CA 49 years old
Caregiver - I have several years experience working in the healthcare field. I have worked in local hospitals and private homes assisting clients in all means necessary. I've done everything from assisted living to tending to clients with all stages of dementia. I have been a stay at home mom for the past 3 years and I am anxious to get back to working with my patients. I first started when I was fresh out of high school and loved it from the start. I have outstanding references should you request. I ' m lo  [More]


Bridgett V. Bakersfield, CA 35 years old
Caregiver - I have been working with people who need my help for the pasted six years. I love what I do because I know that the clients loving my help. I have tried working in other fields but it is not for me, helping people that needs my help is what I love. Taking care of clients needs included in: giving them bathes, cooking, cleaning, taking them to their doctors appointments, taking them to the store, just taking care of their needs. My job is to help them to be comfortable, with how they are feeling  [More]


Nick P. Bakersfield, CA 38 years old
Caregiver - I love working with people making them happy. I've done customer service for many years meeting peoples needs and work very well under pressure. I know this position will be very rewarding and a perfect fit for me. There is no job for me that's too big or small. I'm very dependable and have great references and a wonderful work history with my prior employers which I said with more than 5 years.  [More]


Suzanne A. Bakersfield, CA 69 years old
Caregiver - I have more then 10 years. Of senior experience. I am very dedicated when I work with them. I am a very kind hearted person especially when it comes to the one's that need my help the most. I have a lot of love for the elderly. I enjoy working and caring for them.   [More]


Tonia C. Bakersfield, CA 44 years old 1 year
Caregiver - Cared for the elderly in their home, assisting patients with daily activities, cleaning, cooking kept on a medication schedule and administered their medications, helping patients in and out of bed, documented in a chart patients daily log vital information. I enjoy working with the elderly because I feel that it is a rewarding job.  [More]

Available: Full-Time

Betty G. Bakersfield, CA
Caregiver - My name is Betty and I am currently in school and my major is Nursing. I am interested in any position that is health care related. When I was in high school I was in the Hall Ambulance Explore Program for two years. I had taken the first aid class and CPR class, as well as attended to over 100 hours of ride along through out those years. I also have experience in software: Typing, Microsoft word, Excel, and other office materials. I am also currently a Team Lead Supervisor at Tar  [More]


Theresia T. Bakersfield, CA
Caregiver - I worked as word processor for 3 years at Title company and I have been working as daycare provider for 2 years. During those years, I took prenursing requirement classes. And while waiting for enrollment RN program, I am currently taking CNA class and will be graduated in July 2008. I would like to practice my skills as a caregiver.  [More]

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